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Capital Campaign


Join us as we meet increasing demand for abortion-vulnerable women, secure a sustainable base of operations, & expand critical educational programs. 

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Abortion-vulnerable women empowered to choose life


Families stabilized through financial & material assistance


Women and teens educated by our fertility and life-affirming programs


We promote a culture of life through supportive pregnancy and parenting resources, transformative education, and life-affirming OB/GYN healthcare. 


A society that recognizes the God-given dignity of each human being from conception to natural death and empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their lives.

The Situation Couldn't Be More Urgent

The circumstances our clients face are often incredibly difficult – homelessness, unemployment, an abusive relationship - the list goes on. Many face paralyzing fear and outside coercion. Social influences tell these women that their pregnancies are too difficult to bear given these circumstances – convincing them that abortion is their only answer.

Carrie's story is all too familiar...

Critical Numbers Tell the Story


100% of the women we serve are at or below the poverty line. They have little hope for a better future.


73% of women who chose abortion did so because they thought they couldn’t afford a baby.


Fear of the Future
74% of women who have had an abortion did so because they believed having a child would interfere with education, work, or the ability to care for dependents.


80% of women seeking our help consider abortion because they are single and feel alone.


Chemical Abortions
Over 50% of all abortions are self-administered chemical abortions done within 10 weeks of gestation.


Fear of Abandonment
48% of women are afraid of being abandoned by their partner.

Demand Has Increased Exponentially



Increase in Clients Served over last 3 years


Increase in Ultrasounds performed


Clients receiving continuing support after baby is born


Clients in need of life-affirming education


Babies delivered in 2022


Increase in abortion pill reversals in the past year

 We Expanded to Meet Growing Demand

Since the Texas abortion ban, the demand for our services has skyrocketed and we are beyond capacity. We purchased the Marathon Building to ensure that we are always there for every woman in need of support. 

Building For Life Campaign

A Comprehensive Plan for Growth 

At this critical point in time, we have embarked on a capital campaign to greatly expand our services and impact. 

Located in the heart of Austin’s medical district, our new facility—truly a Building for Life—allows us to address three areas of focus in a space that will let us expand our total operational vision and give our doctors next door access to Ascension Seton Medical Center, ensuring convenient and efficient care for the women we serve. 

Our goal is to expand our reach to be able to care for twice as many women and we have moved into our new base of operations and plan to add professional staff, expand our proven educational outreach, and advance our unique operating model in partnership with others. 

Three Distinct Areas of Focus

1. Life-Saving Service 

The acquisition of the Marathon Building enables us to offer the critical services that are so desperately needed, in addition to providing a self-sustaining base of operations for many years to come.  

We Now Have: 

  • A 5x larger, boutique-style material resource center for clients 
  • A centralized distribution resource center for local churches and community partners 
  • An In-office laboratory to introduce new medical services and enable more efficient test results 
  • A State-of-the-art multi-purpose educational space 
  • 4x as many Client Advocate rooms to empower women to choose life 
  • Five additional medical exam rooms to better accommodate our patients 
  • Two 3-D/4-D state-of-the-art sonogram rooms with machines that can detect fetal heartbeats as early as five weeks old 
  • A Chapel for prayer and fellowship 

B. Build for the Future 

Our new expanded space will enable us to add the following essential positions to our staff: 

  • Additional OB/GYN Physician 
  • Additional Nurse Practioner 
  • Lactation Specialist 
  • Mental Health Professional 
  • Director of Education 
  • Additional Client Advocates 
  • Grant Manager 

These staffing additions are necessary to handle the number of new clients we’re seeing each week, enhance our clients’ experiences, and reduce the wait time for medical appointments.

2. Life-Saving Education

Misinformation about the reality of life in the womb is pervasive. Women have been misinformed for decades. Our young people have questions and are asking for answers. Through our educational leadership, we are speaking to them honestly and restoring a culture of life. 

Major Initiatives for 2023-2024:

A.   A Glimpse Inside 

An all-encompassing program is currently available for middle and high school students, with college and beyond in development. A Glimpse Inside is a captivating educational experience that gives young viewers the opportunity to witness life at its earliest stages. This physician-led video series provides a fascinating look at human development within their mother’s womb. A Glimpse Inside is crafted to open minds and transform hearts as they witness the scientific reality of the unborn and learn pro-life answers to tough ethical questions. 

B. Interactive Community Engagement

We will expand our community outreach for pregnant and new mothers, continuing our partnership with Ascension Seton Medical Center for birthing and childcare classes, as well as offering new opportunities in our expanded educational space.

C. Strategic and Innovative Marketing Initiatives

We are dedicated to providing the science and truth about life in innovative new ways. We are planning to build a fully equipped multimedia studio for video, podcast, and related content marketing.

3. Life-Saving Unity

The national pro-life movement often operates with a restrictive "silo" mentality, where collaboration takes a backseat. We are steadfastly committed to challenging this norm. 

In pursuit of our mission, we have actively forged transformative partnerships with a range of dynamic organizations over the past two years. In 2022, we established national Leadership and Healthcare Advisory Boards with key national leaders. 

Major Initiatives for 2023-2024:

  • Launching A Glimpse Inside™ across the nation in partnership with Sophia Institute for Teachers, Live Action, and Cardinal Studios. 
  • Further meeting the practical needs of moms by bringing accessible transportation in cooperation with WorkWheels, a ministry that repairs and provides new and used vehicles to low-income individuals. 
  • Working with the Knights of Columbus (local and national) to develop community initiatives and resource drives, Aid and Support After Pregnancy (ASAP). 
  • Partnership with for expansion of our chemical abortion educational initiative while laying the groundwork for a responsive telehealth network. 

A Unifying Vision 

The only way we’re going to make a real difference is by learning to work together. 

Unifying forward-thinking pro-life organizations is a major initiative of the JPII Life Center. 

Linda Ruf, CEO 

Our Need for Support

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Our Need for Support



Total Need: $10,000,000

Pledges to Date: $4,900,000

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Our Leadership Team

Linda Ruf

Chief Executive Officer

Diane Cook

Chief Operating Officer

Valentin Garcia

Practice Manager


Dr. Jeremy Kalamarides, DO

Board Certified Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Blake Weidaw, MD

Board Certified Obstetrics and Gynecology

Samantha Padilla, APRN

Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified FertilityCare™ Practitioner

Mary Hansen, RN

Registered Nurse, Lactation Specialist


Sandra Rodriguez

Director of Client Services

Theresa Barbale

Vice President of Advancement

Kayla Vanduser

Grant Writer & Outreach Coordinator

Claire Bordelon

Outreach Director

Alex Till

Marketing Director

Atlanta Ruf

Advancement Associate & Database Manager

Natalie Mohr

Director of Education

Roxanna Romero

Spanish Translation Specialist

Our Boards


Tim Von Dohlen


Patricia Von Dohlen

Vice President

Linda Ruf

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Ames


Judy Ames


Robert & Claudia Hutton

Past President-Lennar Homes 

JPII Life Center Client Advocate


William & Kim Moore

Co-Founder & CEO- Zello

BS, Bio-medical Science


Jay & Kelly Lamy

Managing Principal-Aquila Commercial 

MA, Human Development & Family

Dan & Melissa French

 Managing Director-ATX Acquisitions

BS, Early Childhood Education


Kimberley Warfield, MD


Rebekah Sperling, MD

Vice President

Lisa Ellis, MD


Jeremy Kalamarides, DO

Board Certified OB/GYN

Blake Weidaw, MD

Board Certified OB/GYN

Roger Harden, MD

Board Certified OB/GYN

Chris Dehan, MD

Physician’s Advisor

Jose Martinez, MD

Physician’s Advisor

David Reue, MD

Physician’s Advisor

Kelsey Williamson, MD

Physician’s Advisor

Stuart Wolf, MD

Physician’s Advisor


Brett Attebery


David Bereit

40 Days for Life

Tim Busch

Napa Institute

Shawn Carney

40 Days for Life

Chuck Donovan

Charlotte Lozier Institute

Marisa Guarino

Guiding Star

Dede Chism

Bella Natural Women’s Clinic

Andrew Hughes

American Cornerstone Institute

Abby Johnson

And Then There Were None

Michael Kenney

Pro-Life Partners Foundation

Greg Sindelar

Texas Public Policy Foundation

Kevin Stuart, PhD

Stumberg Hall

Gary Ingold

CPCI Foundation

Kevin Roberts

Heritage Foundation

Jonathan Saenz

Texas Values

Joe Pojman, PhD

Texas Alliance for Life

Joseph Meaney, PhD

National Catholic Bioethics Center

Majorie Dannenfeiser

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America


Stephen Billy

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America

John F. Brehany, PhD

National Catholic Bioethics Center

Louis Brown

Christ Medicus Foundation

Ben Carson, MD

American Cornerstone Institute

Derry Connolly, PhD

John Paul II the Great University

Robin Goldsmith, MD

St. Giana Clinic

Michael Guarino

IPA Practice Management

Donna Harrison, MD


Stephen Henley


Sue Liebel

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America

John Meyer

Napa Institute

John Bruchaiski, MD

Tepeyac Family Center

Steven White, MD


Stephen Hilgers, MD

St. JP the Great Society of Procreative Surgeons

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